Feb 28, 2011

what this little lady dreams about

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A good wife and mother.
It’s a long post about me, and my dream, bear with it. :D

I'm a hopelessly romantic girl. Some other stronger girls maybe will laugh at me, at my need to have someone to lean on. But really, what I want is a wedding, a day marking someone agreed to be with me, bearing all the consequences. Someone I can run to, someone I spend my rest of my life with, someone I can share everything with, someone to build the future with.

The hardcore lover in me always think that wedding is such a grand idea. I praise whoever come up with this. If it was a religion I would be a faithful follower, if it was a lesson you learn in high school I would religiously attend every class and not skipping any of them at all. For me, it’s something so precious sometimes I’m afraid to talk about because I don’t want to jinx it, some other time I will talk about it like there’s no tomorrow because I want to share the happiness. Wedding dresses make me happy, wedding pictures got me smitten, attending a wedding ceremony makes me imagining things. I’m so scary, don’t you think?

You see… I am capable of imagining anything. They said when you meet your soulmate you won’t have hard time seeing yourself in the future with him. I never had any difficulties imagining whoever being with me in the future for goodness sake! Be it Milo Ventimiglia, Jensen Ackles (okay, let’s get more realistic here, lol), or my first crush when I was six, I can imagine myself in a house with them and kids running around.

So my biggest fear is for those dreams to not happen. There, I've said it. What if I never get a chance to marry anyone? What if I can't make anybody loves me? What if nobody wants to spend the rest of his life with me? What if I ended up alone?

Forget it, think happy thoughts instead.

What a happy day for me is a day start with someone by my side, lazy little smile and maybe snuggled up some more just because we can't get enough of each other warmth. A lazy breakfast, to start a slow, steady day, okay... maybe some days will be rushy and crazy but that wouldn't be mattered, we have each other.
I'll cook, yes, I'll make breakfast while he takes his bath, maybe I would join too, in one of the lazy days because sure thing it'll be a long bath with both of us, and that would mean he'll be late for work and his boss would be angry and we wouldn't want that. Wait, on second thought, maybe he should be his own boss, yes? Just like me. So instead of having a boss fuming up because he's late, we can put up a puppy eyes if his customer isn't quite pleased, there I can help him, puppy eyes is my specialty.

The breakfast would be simple, I hope he won't mind. What about a simple toast? And a hot coffee or chocolate? Or tea? in the morning and little talk about the plans of what to do today. Yeah, that sounds about right for me.

And once the hubby is gone to work, I'll have the day to clean the house and do my own business, and preparing lunch (and dinner), go to the grocery store and off to do some shopping. Maybe once in a while, I'll get to catch up with my friends, old friends, new friends, and have some girly (or more likely 'womanly') talk. I know I'll ramble, with dreamy eyes about my hubby. How proud I am of him for how he can handle me in my weird mood -because I can be reaaaaally annoying in my worst mood, and maybe we'll exchange recipes, food, or something else (like some "how to tame a man in bed" tricks).

20090628122938I'll work at home, I'll do what I love to do, just like what hubby does; because that way we'll be happy. A job shouldn't be burdening, right? I want to create something, I still want to open up a little shoppee for my artwork, I imagine myself being in love over and over and over again with this man, and the inspiration gonna be endless, flowing just like a river without winter, never frozen, never dried. If I can dream a little more then I would pray really hard for a little cafery, where people can chill out and just sit for hours.

I'll prepare dinner, I'll wait for him to come back home (or maybe he'll just have to do his job at home -wonder if it'll work, I'll come and distract him every time, though... because I'll miss him, and come to his room and voila! No work is done, lol. Okay, so maybe I need to learn more about self-control).

One of the days, I might be too lazy and will just call him to bring food home, or ask him to cook instead or we'll call a delivery service, or we'll go to our favorite restaurant in town and have a nice dine together OR we'll pay a visit to our parents' houses -we'll surely get some food there, right? lol.

Isn't that simple? My dreams? A whole day filled with love, on repeat, forever, with little surprises everywhere (you see... like 'surprise! you're gonna be a papa!' or 'surprise! RAAWR...' -ha!).

I don't dream of huge mansion with thousand of maids who will bow to me when I pass by them, I don't think I'll need a chauffeur, maybe a maid would help me cleaning up but that is all I need. I'm not gonna whine for huge diamond rings, though I won't mind receiving it.

I love little, simple happiness, like hugging and twirling around the room before heading off to bed, humming to each other songs only us understand (because most of the time it would be off-tune but none of us would be bothered by it). Like a little dance in the kitchen with ear to ear smiles plastered on our faces, because I'll need to learn to cook more, because I love spending times in the kitchen, and because I know, one way or another he would sneakily hug me from behind and distract me and maybe we'll end up with burnt inedible food, it's okay, there are heaps of restaurants out there, right? I won't even ask for thousands of roses, I'll pick a single stalk of sunflower instead. Sure a sunflower field would be great, but some sunflowers at the backyard would be enough.

Rent some DVDs and watch them until we both fall asleep, spontaneous date (or picnic, or anything really), a trip to disneyland or just any funfair, a night long talk of just talk and listen, or a long night with no talk nor listen but something else *wink.

I know there will be fights, little fights (especially because I am me) but then I hope there’s nothing out love can’t conquer (damn, it’s getting a little too cheesy even for me!).

So you see, even if I can't get the maid, the diamond ring, or the little dance, or the sunflower, that would still be more than enough for this little lady (one way or another, I'll get what I want anyway -I'm good at whining and persuading people, alright) only to have someone by her side for her to love, one who loves her endlessly.

Oh, but please please please don't leave the late night snack behind.


  1. Sweet, some of these are my dreams, too :)

    Don't worry Tiara, he will come when you least expect it. You're still young, you should enjoy life as it happens and then wait patiently for destiny to unfold :)

  2. there's no harm to feel romantic and to dream a little :)

  3. This post made me smile :) Like Krissy said, he will come when you least expect it... and when you're NOT looking for him. I also dream of one day being able to work from home, side x side with my lover where we can work on our own schedule, our own pace. :) Keep the dream alive, Tiarawrrr :)

  4. Don't worry I'm sure this will come true some time :) It's completely fine to dream.

    P.S. My birthday was actually a while ago but I just had a party late.

  5. I also like daydreaming about my future marriage :D But I usually stop myself from doing that too much, because it can make me want it so badly and make me stressed out haha

  6. keep dreaming Tiara, just like what the motherfairy said to cinderella.. "bibbity bibbity booo... a dream is a wish your heart makes."

    convince yourself that it'll come true :)

  7. I love it! The best things in life are always the simplest :))

  8. "(damn, it’s getting a little too cheesy even for me!)." <- This cracked me up so hard, LOL!

    Another great post! (And we learn even more about you...)

  9. hoping for the best hubby in the world for you, darlin. it can happen :) <3


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