Feb 8, 2011

weird, random things

Things are coming in weird ways possible lately, like seriously, lol. Let me share you some of ‘em.


  • I shouldn’t talk too much about this but, I took a test to continue my master. First random thing was that the best friend joined too! In the same university and we took test at a very same day. We met a few times few days before the test (because we had projects together) but none of us told each other that we planned to take master. LOL, Imagine how surprised we were when seeing each other on the spot?

  • When the result was announced, I wasn’t on the list; the best friend was. Well, I was quite down, mostly because of my parents’ faces when they heard that I didn’t make it. I decided to take the next test they will held on march, I signed up again (online). THEN the second weird thing happened, this morning I received a call from the university telling that I actually made it and I can do the next interview test on the 17th this month (Wish me luck here!). How random was that? o.O

  • Me and the best friend, remember we had this ‘project recycle’? yep, we joined a competition with it and yesterday he called me telling that we made it to the next round :D sounds good? Wish us luck here too! :D but that wasn’t the random part, how he knew we were in was because yesterday (feb 6th) he randomly opened their web and found our name, that wasn’t stop there, we were required to make a presentation video and the deadline was feb 7th, now THAT was random. Well… we made it anyway :)
So I guess all we have to do is to keep the faith and do our best, things will come our ways anyway. And sorry that this post isn’t about the littletiara shoppe (credit to nikolett for this, haha!) but I promise you I will talk more about that soon :D


  1. oh my! that is good news! and very very random! i love how things like that just suddenly change the course of your life. im glad that you passed {: and good luck in your interview!

    ohhhh wait... what is your major? i didn't know what it was...

  2. OMG!!! congratulations!!! My heart was so down when i read that you didn't make it then it was on a high again when you said they made a mistake and you DID make it! hahaha!!! People shouldn't make mistakes like that.. what if someone falls ill b/c they were so sad they didn't make it then the sudden change in feelings to know they made it? i'm just as random as they are. haha! Anyway, congrats on the project too!!!! I am so happy for you... AND LITTLETIARA SHOPPE?!?!?!?! Don't keep us in suspense so long!

  3. congratulations!!!! like kym, i was like "awwwwww she didn't make it...." then i was like "boooooyeahhhhhhh" when i read further hehe.

    btw, I FREAKING LOVE THE FONT for subheadings like your title post, the little messages, the post a comment part. so freaking cute! =)

  4. oh this is so exciting!!!

    Good Luck!


    Congratulations Tiara! I told you before things will get better, see? see? see??! :D

    And I am seriously in love with your layout. As in seriouslyyy <333333

    Can you also make me a Krissy doodle I can maybe put on my header? <333333

  6. AWW I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!~ And I love that neither you or your best friend didn't tell each other, you both wrote the test, and then you both got in (even though you thought you didn't at first, which is scary) but yaaaaay!!! Good luck with the competition AND with the interview!

    And ~YAY~ at me being credited haha, can't wait to hear more about the business soon :D

    P.S. I -ADORE- your new layout!!

  7. Congratulations, that is really exciting! :)


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