Mar 17, 2009

you, me and the rhyme

And I want the whole world to know
That I'm not gonna let him go
Neither would he ever let me do so

When it started awkwardly
There’s something I felt like funny
From the way he stared at me
I knew we're just meant to be

This friendship is not just a thing
This is something that taken me away from crying
This is something that keeps me smiling
Definitely, this is not just a thing

And when it's my time to marry
He’ll come to my party and congratulate me
And he'll smile ever so widely
Because he knows that everyone's happy

And when it's finally his wedding
I promise, I'm not gonna go there crying
I know it'll be hard but at least I'm trying
And the thing I see everyone is smiling

Who would ever know how it would be ended like?
But I know having him in my life is more than just my luck
Yes he'd got me stuck
Only to teach me that I shouldn't be afraid of the dark

He's my best friend
And I don't want this friendship to ever end
But if I really have to be greedy
Then I'll wish for him to forever stay with me

A white wedding will be enough
I'm not going to ask him too much
Because only to have him with me
Had already made me as happy as I can ever be

And when we grow old
I’ll do thing as he told
And when I show him what I got
He’ll reply me with a smile and a nod

And then when we start to remember
That we used to be silly dreamer
We’d fill the room with laughter
Just to ensure, that we’ll live happily ever after


There are a lot of grammar confusion, I know. I know but I don’t really care. :P

picture of the post: Yep! My converse shoes!


  1. This is lovely.

    I feel like I am having a peek into the secrets of your soul by reading this. It's very special.

  2. Thank you girls! Haha, the poem isn't all that great, and yeah. I got the words when I was on the bus, well... some places can be really inspirational, lol.

  3. hehe... ah .. converse is the best..

    oh.. and Happy Birthday for the day b4 yesterday ^^

  4. haha, yeah... converse is always the best one, number one favorite, black converse especially ;D

    and thank you!

  5. hehe thanks...

    the chinese part means "panda"..( cause I look tired all the time >_<)

    my name is Ani ^^

  6. I have a award special for you come and pick it up:))

  7. Ani: Ah! Lol. I love panda! They're cute! Black and white and fluffy and all! Haha, never really see them in real life, though. ;D

    Anya: Oh thank you dear! That's my first blog award.ever. :D

  8. purss purss my mom has saterday birthday miauw miauww I want you invite puurrss purss she nows nothing mauwww its a surprice purrss...I see you saterday on my blog purss purrss.. =^.^= Kareltje

  9. i love your jason mraz song:) and those converse. i love old nasty broken converse. they tell a story.

  10. Kareltje: Haha, cutie cat! I've came to you and your mom's blog and wishes her all the best ;D

    Alice: Hey! Haha, Jason Mraz is LOVE! lol. And yeah, I've had those shoes since years ago, and man! They look ugly, but beautiful! ;p

  11. cute poem, i've got a complicated relationship with my best friend too, we've known each other for like 10 years now but we live in different countries & i haven't actually seen him for 3 years! hoping to go back this summer :)


  12. Hello Tina! Haha, now it feels better to know that there are a lot of people happen to know how it feels to have a special feeling towards the so-called-bestfriend (at times, we do want more, right?)

    And hoping for you to see him again! ;D

  13. You seem to be a poet! It's nice that you can be so good at expressing yourself by words! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I should be careful for not working too hard. I should know my age after all. You are kind enough to remind me of it.:)

  14. Photojoy: Ah, it's not that great the poem, lol. But yeah, I think I'm too much in love with the rhyme ;D

    and of course you have tot ake a good care of your health! I mean, not only because of your age, everyone must! But people nowadays tend to forget about it easily, oh, including me...


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