Mar 13, 2009

Paint, My love.

Sometimes, classes can be very boring. Generally, they are boring, but in some cases, they’re seriously boring, freaking boring, and whatever boring. Boring class isn’t all that bad, actually, I figured this out last week.

I’ve had a super boring morning class last week, at 7AM, yes, it’s seven. I was still sleepy, and hungry (I didn’t get the chance to have my breakfast yet!), and bored.

While the professor was talking, I took out a paper from my bag and my brain went down to my hand and when I realized, the thing I scratched on the paper turned out to be a drawing.

I’ve been drawing since I was in the elementary school. Frankly speaking, if there’s something I naturally possessed, sense of art should be one of it, another thing is my business mind. I won some drawing competition back then, when I was a whole lot younger (I can’t believe it was almost more than ten years ago… Oh my youth!). I didn’t expect my ability to be still available, since I never really drawing anymore once I entered high school. But this boring class showed me, yes I still can draw!

I am quite proud of the result, I know it looks childish but no matter how old I am my drawing would always be like that, I can’t draw something like manga, nor portraits, it’s just not my style.

So now, I proudly present, my drawings… dum dum dum…

lmfao, let me tell you a secret, this one… is a picture of the professor who was in front of the class teaching us about press and media and such things like those (I didn’t even pay a little attention…) , and ‘pak ganteng’ means ‘Mr. Handsome’. Haha… isn’t he handsome?


this one is actually a failure, I planned to draw a buffalo, but it turned out to be a pig anyway, lmfao.

every time I see this pic, there’s only one thing I’d say, “RAWR…” Oh cutie cat!

It wasn’t me who draw it, it was my friend, Nanette. Nice little thing, no? I just added some details.

notice whom it looked like? Yes! My banner/header! This picture is the girly version of that monster. I supposed it to be its girlfriend, they’re match made in heaven boring morning class!

one of my favorite, a lot of details (the leaves and all), plus the color. Oh I love twilight.

Just in case you’re really curious, the texts are only their names, lol. Buaya is crocodile, Ayam is chicken and Jerapah is girrafe.

Tell me what you think of them!


  • It’s really tiring to color them when you have no tablet, I used my mouse hovering above the picture all night long, so now I got my hands numbed, lol.
  • No picture of the post just because they all are.
  • Drawing: Pen (hitech); Scanned: Internet cafe (Bayonet); Coloring: Photoshop CS4


  1. It's fun to imagine the mood when you drew your pictures above. I admire people who can draw. I like drawing but I'm not so good at it.

  2. oh thank you! Haha, I thought nobody would come here to comment, haha... my mood? definitely bored, hahaha...

    except for the fact that when I drew the first pic (the prof one) I felt like... 'oh wow! He's really handsome that I can even draw his handsomeness!'

    lol. too bad his class was plain boring

  3. lol, wrong!
    clue: the most handsome lecturer, famous, hard to be found in the office, linguistic, hmm?

    Mr. Toro isn't that handsome and... he's kinda... have no hair nor mustache

    *wink*, now, with all the clues, who?

  4. Hi Tiara
    Love you drawings they are soooooo beautiful, my compliments (@^.^@)

  5. hello Anya! Thank you for coming and commenting! Glad that you like my drawings, lol. Don't you think they're quite to childish? Hehe...

  6. This is not age related :)))))))))
    You are welcome on my cat fun blog.
    I'm still childish. LOL

  7. We are chatting HEHE
    I follow you to!!!!
    I saw on your profile that you like photos shopping, I have a few fun programs for you:

    but it is addictive LOL

    Talk to you sooooooooooon (@^.^@)

  8. haha, it's fun! LOL :P
    and thank you for the fun programs, lol. I'll surely try them all and the effects they have one by one. ;)

    And thank you for following me! :D


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