Mar 10, 2009

Not so everyday .Me.

When I had free times, I usually spend my time in front of something,  most likely computer, but in some cases, it’s mirror. I would try new style and stay there staring straight at my very own face to examine it. Lol. It seems kinda crazy, but oh well, I am.

And few times ago, I did spend my time in front of the mirror, doing things I’ve been wanting to do, put fake eyelashes and apply a super red lipstick on my lips. Which turned out to be like… these…

no red lips yet, oh.ow. If looks could kill…


This one should be the Picture of The Post, still my favorite so far. i love how smooth my skin looked here! And the red lips! Ooo…! I’m in love with myself.

PS: just in case you don’t know how I normally look like, it’s like this:

so make up does wonders, heck, yeah.


  1. Awww... The red lipstick looks awesome on you. Not everyone can get away with wearing red lipstick. But you pulled it off. =)

  2. aww... Mel (can I call you that?), thank you ;D haha, it was supposed to be a cute pic, or at least I planned so, but then it turned out to be more like something 'femme fatale' themed, lol.

    Glad to know that I can pull it off pretty well ;)

  3. try to use them the other way around. Red eyelines and dark lips :P

  4. i have no red eyeliner... and I don't think it's available on store... lol. Although there may be one somewhere... heheh...

    btw it's a nice idea... haha

  5. use real blood maybe =))

    try chicken blood =0

  6. aww cute pics! love the red lipstick. i've been experimenting with red lips myself lately. it's fun!

  7. ah Lisa, thank you ;D
    Yeah, red lipstick is one tempting thing, lol. I just couldn't resist the chance when I was alone at home, had nothing to do with those makeup kit before me, ooo!

  8. I like the 2nd picture, it's a good photo and you look great in it ^__^


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