Mar 15, 2009

him and me

So while I’m waiting for my 20th birthday on march the 16th, which, in other word, tomorrow, I’ll just share you one story of my best friend’s birthday. And frankly speaking, I’ve been in love with him since I don’t even know when, We were good friends and somewhere along the road, I fell for him.

It was normal falling for him, though. He was cold and warm at the very same time, he’s silly but smart, and on top of all, he’s handsome (well, at the very least, for me).

He was my classmate and we’ve been friends for about… umm… almost five years, I’ve seen his black and white and yet, I still have no clue about who he really is. Yes, I have this complicated feeling about him.

We were friends since high school, and once we were graduated we took different paths, but still keep in good touch. We used to hang out a lot when we were in our first semester of Uni, it was like… almost once per week. But as days go by, it became less and less frequent. He has his business and I got mine.

Not every fairytales come to its expected happy ending, actually. And if this is one series of my fairytale, then it ends with us remain good friends, nothing more and actually I don’t really wish to be more than just friends (Okay, sometimes I do), because most of the time, I think it’s better this way.


  1. What a lovely and personal story very nice written :)
    I have March 21 birthday......... HEHE
    another year there :( LOL

  2. lol, Anya, you're super fast! I just finished typing and publishing it, checking another web, refresh and voila! Here goes your comment! Haha, thank you for your compliments ;)

    You're 21st march? Oh!!! I should prepare something like a gift! *goes looking for something, somewhere...

  3. Hey....
    i have been in love with my best friend ( i still am) but due to some of my mistakes, i lost him. m almost dead with the loss. but then let me tell you....the days we were together were like "fairytale life" come true for both of us. there is nothing like your best friend being the love of your was the same with our it is for your b'day....we never remembered our anniversary

    i would just say atleast tell him your feelings out loud so that you are even better friends....forever...soulmate...that is wat i wud call.

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  5. cute pictures! :)

  6. Dear Tiara

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear....Tiara
    Happy birthday to you

    Congratulations on your 20th birthday
    Have a nice and great day :))

    Anya & Kareltje =^.^

  7. Shokhi: Hey, thank you for coming ;D and for your stories, too. We're quite similar, no? Haha, and yeah, I've thought sometimes that maybe I should tell him, but oh well, bet he knows it already, so it won't make any difference

    Mademoiselle Chic: Merci! Haha, although I'm still unsure which pics you call cute, lol. I have a lot of pics here, that's why. But THANK YOU! ;D

    Aww... Thank you Anya! ;D
    We've been friends for not more than 24hours and you already congratulate me on my birthday, haha...

    My birthday is our anniversary

  8. Oh I know what it's like to be in your shoes! I was best friends with Brian for 3 years and totally fell for him! But I never said anything to him for the longest time. And now, 5 years later - we're married!

    Whether you are meant to be with him or not, it's great that you have a friend in him (and a good-looking friend at that!).

  9. Oh, and is it the 16th over there yet, or still the 15th? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  10. Dionne - I would love to be in your shoes, I mean, 'tll the end, lol. x)

    Yeah, I'm glad to be his friend, lololol. No matter how it'll ended like ;p

    and thank you! It's finally 16th here! Hahaha...

  11. hello.. just stumbled by...had to comment cause u got cute pictures =) at least u still have him as a good friend ^^

  12. hi! Umm... what's your name? Hee... cz I can't read chinese... x( my bad...

    and yeah, at least I still have him as a good friend, and that's just as nice as it can be :D

  13. omg Tina, lol. I didn't realize you comment! Haha, he is cute. lol.

    Oh, he's handsome I think, not that cute, but handsome, but yeah, cute, lol.


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