Mar 2, 2009

The secrets

No, sorry, but I’m not planning to tell you my dirty little secrets. This is something more fun than that. Okay, maybe not but at least to me it does. These are the things I can’t go out without. In other words?

Yes baby, my make up kit!

I’m in a bitchy girly mood lately, so I’ll just kindly share you some of this feminelle mood ;)

number one is olive oil! Seriously, this liquid is really-really useful! One of the nature’s perfect makeup. You can apply it to your face before putting any make up there, it’ll moistures your skin, so bye-bye dry skin! Maybe you shouldn’t use it too much (like me) if you have a super oily skin, because mine is normal, thanks dear God.


after applying the olive wonderful oil, there should be this another wonderful thing; foundation! I used this Oriflame Aqua surge foundation thing, the porcelain one. Oh, I love it when my skin is as sleek as porcelain, or at least looks so.


Loose powder is love, as efficient as two way cake, I prefer loose powder ftw. And I have like bunch of loose powder, I can’t even name them one by one, I just love them, and that’s all that matter ;P.


Blush on! Oh of course it’s a MUST for me, seriously, nothing can make you look any cuter (than you already are) than a pink blush on your cheek, and just in case you have nobody to redden your cheek when you stare at ‘that someone’, this little thing will help you find one! And I am currently using Giordano Gold natural blush, they’re pearly and the colors are cute!


Eyeliner-eyeliner-eyeliner ftw! No, I won’t go hanging out with my friends without it applied around my eyes. This magical pencil makes my eyes look bigger and give it more ‘accent’. Oh, I am just in love with this thing, no further explanation needed, right? Oh, and I’m currently using Revlon black pencil eyeliner, oh… it is love, definitely. (And sometimes, to draw wings, I use Oriflame Stylo Eyeliner, damn fun!)


Vaseline is almost as useful as Olive oil, or maybe even more so. You can just dab it anywhere you want, I usually use it for my lips before I go to sleep, hello smooth lips! So I can just be ready for anytime kisses ;P.

Now, my secrets aren’t that surprising, no? Later, you should all show me yours!

Picture of the post!


I took this pic when I went to Aceh last year. O holy lord, the sand is just so smooth and white! And I found this lovely coral ;D

the message:

Man, Love is like, everywhere! So find it now!


  1. isn't it so fun to be girlie? yes, i love it. the simplest things make me feel beautiful. nice list of your favorites! :P

  2. Yes, I'm also fond of discovering the little new items of makeups. It's the women's everlasting interests beyond ages.

  3. this is a real coral! wow lovely!! you have an amazing blog.. thanks for following mine :)
    Have a Great Day

  4. Oh i do love beauty secrets revealed! :) love Vaseline too, i must have like 8 pods spread in different bags etc.

  5. guys! Oh, girls... thank you for commenting ;D haha... yes it's so much fun to be girly ;) and I was actually surprised when I found out that I am actually have been addicted to makeups since I don't know when, lol.

    And the coral is love shaped ;) I love it, haha... and still have it, I made it a special charm, love charm. haha...


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