Mar 25, 2009


So it’s been quite a while since the last time I posted something, ah! It always feels so good blogging ;). I was around during my rest, though. Just didn’t know what to write here, or rather, too many things to write that I couldn’t decide which one to post first, lol. Now I’ve made up my mind :D

Today is awfully hot, and his car air-con didn’t work properly that I got my make up all smudged by sweats and he got his face redden, ah, I thought it was not a very good day to go out.

Except that it was wrong.

We went to a shop that sell any kind of material, I wanted to buy something to make a simple bag, and once we got there, we couldn’t help doing some crazy stuffs. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me :( *we were all red like a boiled crap crab, though, so it’s not really a matter.

We looked for some necklaces after that, bargained and such and at the very end I only get a red ‘hand band’ (since it’s not really a bracelet…), it’s nice.

Ah, nice day I had ;) hope you all had yours the same way or better :)


And I changed my layout, I don’t know. I love to do it, maybe I have a problem with my personality, a friend of mine said that it has to go along with my identity or something like that, hmm…

I even think to change it again, now, already.



  1. Very nice music Tiara, I like it very match, I have a young tast :))
    I blog to match ..........LOL
    Your story its very personal and its pretty to read.
    Enjoy life thats important :))

  2. Haha, really? What song did you hear? Because I set them to random, lol.

    And yeah.. umm... is it too personal to your liking?

  3. Aww...If someone I had feelings for put a bracelet around my wrist I think I would definitely be smiling from ear to ear. By the way, I like your new layout. =)

  4. Ah Mel :D Thank you! Haha, I was trying soo hard to suppress it, or at least, not letting him see it, lol.

    and thank you for liking my new layout? Do you think it's too plain? Just tell me if it does ;)

  5. i want your hot weather! it's grey & cold here :(

  6. Really? You want it? My... you can take as much heat as you want if I were the God, lol. Seriously, the heat is... too HOT. Hmm... Nature's talking, stop global warming, human!

  7. hmmm not sure what to say...

    probably... get him an air-con for his car! :))

  8. Of course i like your new layout, not not plain at all. geez, if only I had the time to change my layout I would too but I'm too lazy to look for a new one so I have to stick with my ever so boring layout. tsk tsk

  9. awww this is a very sweet blog! :) don't feel bad about talking about your best friend too much. that is never a bad thing. :P

  10. Rad: His car's air con was once our heaven lol. versus the heat of Yogyakarta Hadiningrat, but then he used motorcycle, never really took care about his car anymore, now it's a blah air con. :( he should've known this himself, lol. Now I'm praying that he would at least fix it.

    Mel: Thank you! Haha, but I do have the new layout ready ;) I hope you'll like it too :D (And I'll try as best as possible not to change it again)

    Lisa: Aww, thank you! That was sweet? You sure? lol. I miss you dear! You seem to be disappear from blogsphere lately. :D

  11. Oooops you did it again! hahahaha...You changed your layout again. aarggghh...i'm really jealous now. hahahaha...if you get bored maybe you can change my blog layout for me? lols. take care sweetie. =)

  12. hahaha, Mel, oh yes I did x( now I'll convince myself not to change my layout ever again, at least for this year. lol

    Let's see, if I do have free time, I'll try to make one for you :D but then I guess it'l be too childish to your liking...

    Because I am currently too much in love with my handmade drawing, lolx. And it always turns out childish.

  13. I like the new layout/background too! I never change mine...I wouldn't know what to change it to, so I just leave it blue.

    And I'm glad you're back blogging too. I guess we were both gone for a while!


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