Mar 4, 2013

my birthmonth is here!

There are so many things I want to talk about, to the point that I can't really sort my thoughts.. I can't quite decide what to say here, 

should it be about why I love blogging so much? 

Should I talk about how I actually met one of the favorite k-indie artist of mine in Korea but not realizing it was them? 

Should I talk about how fellow blogger krissy made me miss my old MTV days with her recent post

Or should I talk about how I just dyed my hair brown? 

Ahh.. decision decision... why is everything so messy? But then again it happens almost all the time so yeah, nothing new, me and my messy messy mind :p

And I am actually glad to know that I have so many stories to talk about...

Can you believe it's march already? My birthmonth~!!! I guess this is the moment when birthday doesn't only bring happiness but also fear, at least that's what happens to me the last few years. Of course I love birthdays, all my friends coming, showing me that they actually care, surprise parties, and of course... the gifts hahahah... Plus my family loves partying, which means cakes and candles~!!

The number of the candle is like a reminder for me, which I have to say kinda scary, about how many years I've gone through, as if asking me what I've done, is it enough? Can I do more? What should I do to achieve more?

This day, though, I will let myself savor the happiness of seeing my artwork printed in a book, ready to be published and marketed, accompanying each story the readers read.

I seriously was having a hard time believing my artwork, something I made with my own two hands, are going to be so published. Every time I see this, I just can't help but grin. This feels almost like my first kid, I think (since I don't have a child yet, so I'm not actually sure, LOL)

A blurry shot of the back cover (it wasn't me, I swear! My cousin took this picture, and really it's not my fault that he's such a bad photographer, right?) Anyway, can you spot littletiara logo? Yes baby, it's here and real!

The illustration in the book for one of the stories (the book has 10 stories). This one is pretty much my favorite drawing, one thing I love the most about illustrating a book is when I got visuals when reading the story, as soon as I finished reading the story, I usually rushed to draw it before the idea disappears. I just love how I can really put what I see in my imagination to paper.

Here, I'll spoil you with more illustrations from the book:

The ugly fingers are not mine~!!! Hahahah, and once again, the blurry shot isn't my fault. :P anyway, those three are my favorites, I drew 11 pictures in total... I know it's still far from perfect but I'm so excited to learn and experience more~!! I hope the time will come when I can draw something for someone again~ or maybe for my own book, who knows?

By the way, if any of you is interested to purchase the book, or to visit the writer's blog and read more about the book, you can visit them HERE. The book is in Indonesian, though. So maybe you all can come there and threaten them to make the english version and I will be hired to draw again (or translate the book). Hahahah...

February passed by so quickly, I had this little disappointment with myself about my thesis, though. I'm still fixing everything, I hope it will be done quickly, it's making me sad enough that I won't be able to graduate this April with most of my friends. But I guess I shouldn't mourn about it too much, I've worked my best, and it's a good thing my prof pointed out my mistakes so I can fix them now.

And well, a friendly reminder, at least for myself (which I've posted in Facebook too)

I just have to read and do this everyday, right?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How exciting! I love birthdays!!
    the book looks wonderful!!

    1. hhahaha.. I love birthdays too~!! and I missed you darling! >w< I've been a bad blogger lately, eh? *pouts*

  2. How awesome of you!!! And happy birthday, indeed :) have a great month!


    1. aww.. thank you~!! ^O^ I hope my birthday will bring even more awesomeness.. haha <3 and I'm off to visit your blog~! *flies*

  3. Awww happy happy birthday sweetie! Have a great month and a wonderful year! =)

    1. thank you darling~! I sure hope for this year to be more awesome than ever~!! :D


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