Mar 15, 2013

Walking Down the Memory Lane

I am three one and a half hours away from being 24, and I am a nervous wreck. 

I feel old and haven't accomplished much, I know I've been talking about this since forever (more like, since I turned 23) but really. I am almost 24, haven't finished my graduate study yet, haven't married yet, heck, I don't even have a boyfriend to marry with! And I don't know why but I keep feeling like turning 25 instead of 24. Not that it makes any huge difference, but to be very honest, turning 25 is like the scariest thing I can ever be right now, thank goodness it's still next year (LOL). I'm not even sure if I made sense.

I guess that's what people call quarter life crisis?

Maybe I am just a greedy little lady, I want to do more, I need to do more, I have to do more, accomplish more, achieve more, discover more, learn more, play more. I guess you can say I am one very curious little lady. I always think that there are so many things in this world, and this curious little self wants to try each and every one of it! But just like Arkarna said, so little time so much to do.

I visited my old primary school when I went to Bandung yesterday, and I surprised myself looking at how small everything look. I remember feeling everything was so huge, the stairs were so high and the rooms were wide, and the aisles were like the longest road I had to go through everyday, but yesterday suddenly everything seemed to shrink; the stairs weren't that high, and the rooms were quite small, and I got to walk through every aisle in less than 15 minutes. I guess I've grown up a lot.

During my school days, I was a TV addict (just like any other 90s kids, I guess). I watch MTV like it was the only show in the world, Friends and Sabrina the Teenage Witch every weekend, Sailormoon and Doraemon and Dragon Ball every Sunday, and of course I still remember the time when I watch drama everyday. 

I was still in primary school at that time, and I was addicted to this Pearl Princess (Huan Zhu ge ge) drama, and this character was (is, and always will be) my favorite.

Vicky as Xiao Yan Zhi, isn't she so very pretty? (。♥‿♥。) I love her eyes!

I'm not sure if you know or have ever heard about the drama, but I think most Asian know about it, since it was such a huge hit. Vicky Zhao Wei turned insanely popular along with her fellow artist, her next huge hit was the movie So Close where she worked with two other very famous Chinese Actresses, Shu Qi and Karen Mok.

The three Heroines (well actually two of them acted as a thief and another one is a police)
I still remember the time when I rushed home from school just to watch Pearl Princess, it is a novel-based TV series, so the dedicated fan in me of course decided to buy the book, and I never regret it, it was seriously worth every penny I saved from my pocket money (and let's not forget the excessive whining and pleading I did to my parents) (~ ̄▽ ̄)~.

This is going to sound so cheesy, but I believe it is true that Vicky's character, along with other things I love when I was young, created me the way I am now. Her character, Xiao Yan Zhi, is a very bubbly, a little bit clumsy, a little bit stupid, a little too brave, but very adorable young girl. I believe because I love her character, I had unconsciously turned myself to be someone like her. 

I guess that's a good thing.

Now, here I am, a little too bubbly, a little bit too brave, a little bit stupid and clumsy at times, and (hopefully) adorable, almost 24 year old little lady with the whole world in front of her. I have so many things I want to achieve, and so many things I want to try doing, and so many things I've been doing and still want to explore more about.

If I have to list what I want to do to fill this year, I hope I can really fulfill these:

Draw more, create more artwork and have an exhibition (or two, or three, or more)
And while we're on this, how do you like my new layout?

Create more friends from all over the world
Now this is important, enough is never enough, right?

Fill my passport with stamps from all over the world.
I need to visit each one of you, remember? And I still have to go to Korea again (to buy a whole lot of Korean cosmetics, no kidding :p), and find a way to work and live there.

Finally finding Mr. Right 
and take a step closer to settle down. Like, pretty pretty please with cherry on top? Being single is getting boring.

Find (or create) a fun job for myself 
So I will stop feeling sad looking at my empty wallet (LOL).

Graduate, oh my God, there is no excuse, I simply have to.
I won't even bother to look for a picture about it.

Enjoy life
Go to more concerts, go on vacation, smile more, and just simply being nice to myself and everyone around me.

I will stop at 7 on this list because that's my favorite number, but there are like thousands more on the list actually (like buying more shoes, and make up, and learn how to use eye shadow, and find the perfect lipstick color for me, and be more fashionable, blog more often just like what I used to do, write more about my life so I won't forget it later, meeting my favorite artists and performers, and yeah, you get the point). 

Let's just march on and... well, gotta catch 'em all~!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I can't believe you're only 24, instead of focusing on the things you haven't done, you should focus on all the things you have done!! I'm 26 and still have a massive long list of things i want to do,

    I remember when I turned 25 and I really thought that I was getting old, then I got the chance to move to Korea!!

    Exciting things you haven't even thought about are waiting just around the corner of your 24th birthday!!

    1. omg reading this again makes me happy because I've somehow accomplished some of the list I wanted to do <3 and ahh thank you!


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