Mar 22, 2013

It's Over, Let's Move On

Continuing my previous post, I am so grateful to all of you, especially Krissy and Namine who kindly left a comment here, and also you who commented on twitter and Facebook. I know I am more than lucky to have you all around me. 

Quite honestly, I feel a little bit selfish and guilty when posting something negative (as in ranting and whining) but that's one way to let things out and make me feel better, plus I will have something to remember later, and be proud of when I can finally conquer them. I will have a story to tell my children about.

Well, I am still the same 24 year old young lady, jobless, boyfriend-less, and haven't graduated yet. But at least now I've made peace with myself and deal with my lacking. Also, I have figured out more things.

As an artist (self-proclaimed one, that is), I've always wanted to try new things, I love both pastel colors and bright, vivid colors, but I think it's always colorful. My style is I'm not sure what, but I guess it can be described as girly. And each time I see someone's art, I am always inspired to try the technique. Not only that, but I also want to apply my artwork in everything, that's why I make postcards, little notebooks, dolls, also the newest one is on bags. Wait, no, I didn't make the bags, I drew on it.

Yes, ombre tote bag that I handpainted and hand-draw. I kinda love doing this a little bit too much, although it's a little bit more tiring than drawing. I spent like hours to dye the bags, and trying out the best techniques and then when it's dry I raked my brain on what I want to draw on it. I regret nothing, though.

Other than that, I've been trying to find ways to get into my dream job as an illustrator in South Korea. Why South Korea? Because I love their art style (and I love shopping in Seoul, lol). Other than Korean, I also love the art style from Bangkok, and Italy. They're all different, and adorable.

One of the main goals for me is to work with/in YG entertainment. This will sound silly, but really. I mean, I adore everyone who works there and also everyone who works with them. I love that they're so international compared to other entertainment companies. Plus, I love all their artists (BIGBANG and 2NE1, yes please).

My newest addiction is this cute little girl, Lee Hi, the newest addition to YG family. I love her voice, and how YG styled her, all cute and innocent without being overly sugary. Her newest music video "It's Over" is just too cute I can't help but to draw something inspired by it. I love all outfits she wore in that video.

I really love her hat here, and of course that adorable blue bear, hahahah...

And this one is my favorite outfit:

The details:

 Step by step:

The final result:

and here's the original music video: if it's up to me, I will suggest you to watch it, like seriously you just have to. It's so adorable and her voice is just so goooood~ and I love that the song emphasize on her unique jazzy voice instead of auto-tuning (like most south korean singer/bands do).

And of course, that evil blue bear is something you shouldn't miss~!

being productive makes me happy~! ^^


  1. love the ombre tote bag.

    and we are all allowed a rant every so often.

    1. aww thank you darling~! ^^ I'm glad you love it, and ah... I am afraid when I'm ranting it spreads negativity, which isn't a good thing, but I guess there are just some of the days for it..~


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