Aug 26, 2011

wish list #5217265

As you all know already (or maybe not...) I'm all about boots and coats.. and laces! My oh my... and scary things happened when I saw these lovelies incidentally when I was browsing... Oh gracious goodness, please let not there be holes in my pocket, amen! lol

1. This pretty lacey boots... this got me stay up all night drooling thinking of how to make money so I can buy them. It's not even that pricey but still... I'm pretty much uncontrollable when it comes to shopping >_< I'm so bad bad.

2. This one's even scarier! They came to my dreams, haunted me, provoking me to click the "buy" button. I woke up sweaty and obsessed (of course, those were lies... lol, but really I want them SO badly it's unhealthy).

soooo pretty... so very pretty... *sigh* I want this! I want this! (okay, I may end up buying this one, really).

aren't they all pretty?


  1. OH I Love the them!! Especially number two!! I did that all the time! When I dream about them I know that's when I have to buy them!!

  2. These bottom shoes are amazing!!!! sooooo pretty :)

  3. EEEEEEEK!!! THOSE ARE THE EXACT STYLE OF BOOTS I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR BUT HAVENT FOUND!!! WHTS THE WEBSITE? hahaha! Okay maybe you shouldn't tell me... i will be very very tempted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hahaha I hate it when shoes haunt my dreams! They ARE delicious!

  5. You should definitely buy them :) Hope your dreams have been even sweeter.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway too!!


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