Aug 11, 2011

thank you

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I miss talking about my life, and my feeling, and my heart… I miss talking about anything really. The latest posts here in this blog feels less-genuine for me I don’t know why. The last post I really liked the feeling was when I talked about the boy I like, in which nothing really happen between us after that. Well, good companion that’s it, I guess.

I know that was just two posts away but heck, it feels like soooo long time ago. I need to find my way back to writing as a healing way instead of just writing because I am feeling guilty for leaving blogsphere for too long. Does other bloggers suffer from this too? Or is it just me? o.O

Anyway, looking at Krissy and Kym’s latest posts makes me kinda want to try talk from my heart again.

So this post is dedicated for everyone I know, I’ve posted it on my tumblr but I guess there will be changes here and there :)


I have friends, I’m in love with them, I am so grateful that I have them around me, I can’t be any luckier, and I know I can’t say thank you enough.

Thank you for being there for me when I am the happiest, happiness feels less happy when not shared, what is in a happiness when you have nobody to share it with? why laugh when you have nobody to laugh together with?

When I am happy, I tend to share, to tell it to the world, but of course the first one I share the happiness with would be my closest friends, sometimes, I keep things for a while because I don’t want to look too crazy, but who am I kidding, my friends know who I am inside and out, less-crazy me? NEVER! :)) we’ve even bathed together, what do I have to hide anymore? LOL

Thank you for being there with me when I am sad, be the ones to hug me, pats me on the back, smack some senses to me, lend me your shoulder to cry on, letting me cry out loud and just bear with it,  or even just stare for afar because you know all too well nothing really make sense to the crying me.

Thank you for letting me be there when you are happy, thank you for sharing the happiness :D thank you for letting me be there when you are sad, although I am not really good on comforting people, thank you for letting me learn from things happened to you, because sometimes when troubles happen to other is when I think the most about the solution.

Thank you for being my anchor because I sway too much, thank you for being there and put colors to my days, thank you for all the lessons, thank you for being the lights when my days got too dark, and for being the shade when my days being all too bright and blinding. Thank you for just being there, thank you for letting me know you and be your friend.

Whenever talking about friends, I got confused as to which ones I actually mean to be the ones I’m talking about, but then I realized that each and everyone I know, including you has taken part in my life, in helping me find me and be me.

I may not know you personally, maybe we have never even met before, maybe we do but never really talk, maybe we’re just friends, maybe we’ve chatted once in awhile but nothing really happen and nothing bonds us, maybe we’re close, maybe you’re my best friend, maybe I just know your story through gossip, or your blog post, or you’re a friend of my friend’s friend, and so on and so forth.

But really thank you, thank you for just being there.


  1. I'll send you back exactly the same "Thank you." Yes, me too. I have ended up with being away from blogging for many times since I started my blog yet I'm fortunate I have some, not many, who welcome me anytime in the blogospehre. They are so generous and that's why I feel writing again. You are one of these, of course. Stay in touch.

  2. I don't know about other bloggers but I suffer from that phase too. In fact, suffering from it right now.'re not alone. *pat pat*


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