Aug 12, 2011

The night I cried my heart out


How long has it been since the last time you cried? It’s been long for me (excluding the times I cried for Korean dramas/movies that is) and some nights ago, for the hell of it, I cried out loud.

For no particular reason, or maybe for too many reasons, maybe I’ve kept all the sadness inside and that night was the night for me to let it all out, for whatever reason, I cried the hell out of me.

I cried out loud, and by out loud I meant the whole house could hear me, I didn’t try to stifle the sound, I didn’t try to hide the tears, I cried with my mouth open, I wailed, I threw tantrum, I kicked my imaginary enemy, I cried like a five year old girl who lost her favorite Barbie doll, I cried like some crazy woman.

Guess what? It felt good.


  1. sometimes that's just what you need to make things better. I've done it many times. HUGS

  2. When I need to "cleanse" I just watch my favorite movies or read my favorite books just so I can cry. It's a great way to unload :) And even though it may not seem like it because I'm almost always busy, you know I'm always here for you sweetie :)

  3. I think we all need a good cleansing cry. I find it helps me release any emotions. So I'm glad you had that cry and it made you feel better.

  4. it feels good to cry once in a while, we all need it every now and then. i think there's nothing to be ashamed of crying, that's what i tell all my loved ones whenever they are down or whenever thy need to shed a tear or two

  5. And then after you're done crying, does your throat hurt like hell too? Just wondering. But I guess whatever makes you feel better. *pat pat*


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