Aug 3, 2011

Green with envy, aren't you? :p

I know you all know that everything in Asia is cheaper than in the US or Europe, I've heard gazillion times people saying/writing/blogging about how surprised they are when buying things in Indonesia. I agree that they're right, BUT you gotta be envious of me even more because I'm living in a city where everything is cheaper compared to other big cities here :))

My city, Yogyakarta, is famous as a city of students because 1.) There are like billions universities here (okay, that was me being hyperbolic) and 2.) One of the best (or at least most famous) university is here (mine! YAY!) sooo since there are heaps of students here, the prices gotta be lower (because we, students, LOVE that).

Okay, here are some stuffs I found today when I went shopping. I bet my life you'll all be jealous :))

marching band-themed cardigan

It looks like black and white stripes here, but actually it's dark navy blue (doesn't matter, lol) guess how much did I have to spend for this? Brace your heart, I got it for around $5 great deal, huh?

leather flat shoes

I fell for this baby because it has its vintage-ish look when I put it on my feet, price? $3 (!!!)

white flat rubber shoes

I really didn't plan on buying this, but this baby looks soooo good (and comfy!) on my feet so I couldn't excape the temptation heh-heh :)) anyway when I first saw this pair of shoes they didn't have the price tag on them. Believe me I was as surprised as you are when the clerk told me they're for $2 only!

So... Look, those are some great deals. Of course you can find things in higher price if you want to :)) actually I was just strolling around the street with no intention to buy anything but well... Who can resist the charm? One of the reason why things are so cheap (even for me) are because it's near Ied for muslims, almost like christmas, there are sales everywhere. Those three, I got them for less than $10. Hahah... I'm being so cheap, aren't I?

p.s. Indonesia use Rupiah (IDR), but I converted them to dollar (USD) here so you all can be envious, mwahahahah.. :P


  1. wait... do you convert your money to dollars or you guys really use dollars? sorry... stupid question, but it seems like everyone on blogger says dollars and i'm thinking what countries they're from hehee... you guys just like to convert i guess.. ekk not my forte.

    I LOVE THE WHITE FLATS ! too cute!!!

    -robots in trouble

  2. I'm curious to what type of dollar are you paying with?? AND I AM SOO JEALOUS!! Gah I have never bought three things for under ten bucks! LUCKY Gal!! One day I'm gonna visit and drag you shopping! (if that's alright...)

  3. Ahhh, i love asia!!!! i love shopping in asia, i love eating in asia... i just love it all. haha! (i don't love the bugs though) :P So is Yogyakarta far from Bali where i'll be next yr October??? :P

  4. Oh those shoes! I love them, girl! I need you for a shopping buddy!

  5. Great prices and cute stuff!:D I like the white flats, perfect for summer.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  6. Hahahaha!!!! Yes, things here in this city are so cheap! Cheaper than anywhere else in Indonesia!

  7. YES, jealous! Jealous enough I want to move there? JUST KIDDING...but yeah...


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