Jan 21, 2009

the (super) spoiled one


seriously, like everyone had ever heard or saw it by their own eyes, I am one spoilt little girl, seriously spoiled. I do and get whatever I want, I believe that somehow I have the "ability" to make people do what I want them to do. I've been living this kind of a princess-y style life for almost twenty years --and I love it. Sometimes I think it's pretty wrong, though. Being a spoilt little princess is annoying, and I know that I can be even more annoying than anyone who annoys me. I use no power, but strategies. Wide puppy eyes and a blink of tears, nobody would be able to resist that. Even someone who meets me for the very first time can tell that I am spoilt, both in good and bad ways.

As spoilt as I am, I still care about others. I do think about them a lot, even a whole lot more than I think about my spoilt little self (Thanks God time, now). I love helping people, I love to see them smile, and deep inside, for some exact people, I want them to always be happy. I love being happy, and my favorite happiness is when I can make someone happy, so happy that they shed a tear or two.

I love surprises, both make it or receive it, I don't get a lot of surprises, though. I've never had surprise birthday party because I will never forget my own birthday date. I've never had a surprise candlelight dinner because... I've never even had a planned candlelight dinner! (so, in this kind of part, my life doesn't seem so princessy anymore. lol). Make a surprise is another thing, since my favorite happiness is when I am able to see someone shed tears and smile at the very same time because of my doing, I've done some surprises, seriously, I think I am always the one who is surprised more than the target, lol, I smile wider than them and shed more tears (sometimes, when it's really touching) than them.

I love balloons and candles and tarts and whatever thing on a party, but my favorite is always my friends, above them all, it's that special friend of mine. I've never really celebrated my birthday with him, though. I'm not even sure if he knows when my birthday is, lol. We've been friends for almost four years yet we care nothing about each other's birthday. His birthday a few months ago was his first birthday that I celebrated, and I made a surprise for him. (Even me being remember his birthday was already a surprise for him...), seriously, that was our third year together and was the first time I brought a muffin for him (heck yeah, I only brought him a muffin and there was an ear-to-ear smile plastered on his face).

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