Jan 27, 2009

Busy, not really…

On (long) holiday right now, about three weeks off with nothing planned. Okay, I’ve planned to learn cooking, to go to library and find something that may be useful for my memoir, to have some fun with my friends and blah blah blah, but nothing really happen successfully.

I am still thinking (a hell lot) about that guy who had already came back to his somewhere over the rainbow country (Japan that is) with no sign of turning back here, which means I don’t really stand a chance to ever see him again, and that sucks, definitely. Somehow, it feels even more annoying than just a one-sided love, there is no heart breaks but well, my little fragile heart aches one (or more) time a day whenever I think about him.

I whine too much about him, really.

So I barely have something fun to do, and that’s pretty unhealthy for me. What I do are just sitting in front of my notebook, listening to the songs on repeat, blogging, nothing really useful.

I wanted to buy a recipe book but my mom told me she had one or two in the shelf, which I am too lazy to open and look for. So here I am, stuck in an endless boredom I created myself.

Feel a little relieved that my maid is taking her day off. I don’t hate her, but of course, she’s not my favorite of all maids. I’d rather be alone than to be with her during my holiday, for real.

Oh, I spent some time to produce something, though. Thanks God that it means my holiday isn’t really a futile one. Photoshop is indeed a boredom killer, created some (not so) pretty icons last night. Mostly only cropping and coloring. I’m not so into brushes lately, nor super shiny effect. Should’ve added some words maybe, but oh well, here they are…





f1010037copyinsungk1ss5_edited-3 f1010037copyinsungk1ss5_edited-5 76id3_edited-1 76id3_edited-3
o5. o6. o7. o8.
138wd_edited-5 138wd_edited-4 188bq_edited-2 188bq_edited-5
o9. 10. 11. 12.
1170689557mg4334af0_edited-3 1170689557mg4334af0_edited-2 rhdue73nx1_edited-1 rhdue73nx1_edited-2
13. 14. 15. 16.
_MG_1261a_edited-4 _MG_1261a_edited-2
17. 18. 19. 20.
128f1125bbbbio3_edited-1 128f1125bbbbio3_edited-2 106gb_edited-1 106gb_edited-2

you may snag them without crediting but give me a few words of comment instead;
just so I know if you like it, okay baby?



  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, I'll be happy to have a new friend too. Let me link your blog as well.

  2. liar liar pants on fire! those icons are just absolutely gorgeous! and you are NOT allowed to argue with me! cause they are! they're absolutely amazing, the cropping and the colors of them. AMAZING!

    a memoir?! ohh tiara you have got to let me read that when you finish it :D The life and times of TIARA! wahhh! XD

    guys. Just shoot them all, I'm extremely bitter at them at the moment. Them and their amoeba sized brains. Hmfph.

    A snake baby! nice :D I'm a dog/pig. Depends on which culture you look at, for chinese zodiac I'm a dog, western, I'm a pig. I'm a POG!

    Har har! I'm addicted to you too :D TI-TI! <3

  3. aww... babies. thank you for commenting here ;)

    photojoy: sure! Now I'm adding you on my blogroll list! :D

    kay: since you've said that I am not allowed to argue with you so... :| I've got nothig to say since all I want to do is arguing about how lame they actually are x| *pssschh... I am NOT allowed to x(

    and a POG! lmfao!

  4. now try ur photoshop skill to personalize your blog layout with your own style!

  5. lol. Photoshop is one thing, coding is another thing x(

  6. Aw! I like the goldfish icon!!

    And you should try cooking. I listen to music and make cupcakes or cookies when I get bored. It really lifts my spirits and then I have a nice treat when I'm finished!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll too!

  7. oh wow, i LOVE your photography! these photos are beautiful. i need someone to teach me photoshop! haha. anyway, very lovely.

  8. haha! well, i think you do a wonderful job. i especially love 6, 8, 10, and 16.

    oh, and of course, you may put me on your blogroll. i put you on mine...i hope that's ok. :)


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