Jun 17, 2011

a letter to my future self.

Hello myself!

So you're littletiara, the same littletiara as me, only five years older. I hope that five years do make lots of differences, but not that much. Wait, are you still a littletiara or a slightly bigger tiara now? Either way, I hope you're looking as cute as I am, but cooler.

How's life? Has it been treating you well? Okay, let's just cut some slacks and come to the point.

Have you found yourself a nice boyfriend? or hubby already? (This part really should come last but you know me, this is the part I am most eager to know, really...) How is he? Is he kind and cool and all you can expect from a guy? Is he dependable? Are you two completing each other well? Most important, are you two happy? You make him happy, right?

So, who is he? Is he someone I know? Come on, at least give me some hint, I'm so curious!

How's business? You've made a bigger social circle than I do, right? I believe you've met so many inspirational people, learn from them and be one of them! Pick you lazy butt up and do something girl! Oh please, don't go online as much as I do! Okay, you can, only when you can earn more money than I do by doing so, agreed?

Still drawing, aren't you? You should, you must! It's what our passion is, so keep doing it! And writing! Yes, writing like what I am doing right now. You know how helpful it is to relieve some stress, no? Yes, right. Keep doing it too.

Look, self. If life sucks, if the boyfriend/hubby (just... how am I supposed to know? There's the possibility, right?) is annoying, if your one of your friends makes you feel like punching him/her on the face, remember that we both have gone through it all before, and we did quite good. If I can do it, you can do it too, right? Because you're way cooler than I am.

I am saying this now so you can remember what you need to remember. I'm sure you already know all these, but most of the time, we tend to forget. I know how forgetful you are.

Never forget to be thankful and cherish everything given to you. Learn from your mistakes (and mine too), take every lesson and live life to the fullest.

No matter what hardship you're going through, believe me you can past through it. Because littletiara, you're one very cool lady, a stronger woman ;)



  1. Nice one, Tiara :)

    I've written a couple of future letters to myself before, and I've realized that most things never turn out the way we envision! A lot of things can happen in 1 year, what more 5...

  2. Awww...

    Another cute entry from our tiara.

    Anyway, what about your 'sleeping on your laptop' habit? *pat pat* JUST KIDDING...

  3. Oh I love this!

    What a fantastic idea! Love the boyfriend/hubby!

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  5. wow you know, this is genius :) self-motivating inspires me more than ever.

    i think if i have to write a letter for myself, i'll write it to my past self. hihi

  6. love love love this as much as i love myself. LOL :D

    ure amazing little siztha..

  7. Such a cute letter ... I know your future self will be just as amazing but probably even stronger than this present Tiara :) And I hope whoever your future boyfriend/hubby is that he treats you right! Now I want to write a letter to myself haha :) Miss you!!

  8. Brilliant pictures, wonderful headline! I will visit more often <3



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