Jun 25, 2011

I sleep better when it rains

I love rainy days, the pitter-patter sound of each drop hitting the roof and then falls to the ground relaxes me. 
I love the magical warmth when it rains, snuggling under the blanket or a cup of hot chocolate
I love rain, and rainbow

I made this picture on a rainy day, under my blanket.

Outside my window, the colorful raindrops sang me a lullaby. And before I knew it, I landed my feet upon the soft and fluffy colorful cloud, oh, of course that was a dream, a very nice dream indeed.

When I woke up, there was a magic line in the sky.

the first three pictures are from weheartit
4th picture was my recent artwok
the 5th picture were taken by my friend when we went to the beach few times ago.


  1. awwww this is the cutest/sweetest post i've read today... or maybe cus it's you that wrote it and anything you say i'll think it's sweet! you hopeless romantic you! hehehe!

    anyway, that is a pretty picture that you drew. it makes me feel like curling up in my bed and sleep . too bad it barely rains here in vegas. otherwise, i would enjoy it more.

  2. It's been raining a lot in our neck of the woods lately huh? I used to not like rain (I'm a summer person), but this whole global warming thing made me develop a new-found love for it. The heat is just too much now than in the past. Le sigh.

  3. I used to sleep directly under the roof and hear the rain (now I live in a student appartment and there are people living above me, not quite the same as listening to rain).I used to love the sound as well.



  4. me too, Its one of my favourite feelings lying under a heavy blanket while rain pounds on the windows.
    you have a truly darling blog here x

  5. I used to love rainy days but right now I am wishing for mr rain to go away and I am looking forward to Mr. Sunshine and lots of it.

  6. I love waking up to rainy days to, it makes me look forward to my hot cup of coffee even more, best for cuddling too! :)


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