Sep 24, 2010

Strangers Meeting

Strangers meeting

Never mind how it will end in the future

As least we were once together

There’s no need to bound each other

And there’s no need for any verbal promises

As long as we once had each other

To me, this is already enough

There are a lot of memories in one’s lifetime

I only wish your memories will have me 

Found this song when I was watching a Taiwanese drama series entitled 'Fated to Love You' originally sung in Mandarin (Of course, lol) I don't know who sang it, but I love the meaning.

ps. I start treating my blog like a tumblr, lol.


  1. is it subtitled in english?? I love watching no USA or Canadian drama.

  2. Oh how lovely. Seems like something I would find on an old, weathered love-letter, tucked into the pages of a lovely vintage book.

  3. You're so emooooo :p

    It's okay, it's romantic though.

  4. I've been looking for this song because of FTLY. It's called Ping Ju :)


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