Sep 20, 2010

of life and train

Well, hello all, I know I disappeared from the blogsphere for quite a while. Now I'm here, hopefully back for good ;)

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“This is your life, are you who you want to be?” 

Life has been up and down, well… just like it always is, and sometimes I shut my eyes tight hoping I could stop time for a moment, of course I failed.

Had a family gathering made me realize how fast time flies, how I am not a primary school student anymore, how I’ve grown up, and everyone else is too.

I remember the old times when days were only of playing either with water, or friends, or better, both. Days when I always slept at 9 o’clock. Where were those days gone? How can time flies so fast I didn’t realize it?

Growing up feels like being on a train that moves too fast, or more likely, in constant speed it feels too fast sometimes. There are pretty views outside I want to spend more time enjoying, but no, the train keep moving, and it will never go back there again.

So the only thing I (or we all…) can do is savor every moment, and maybe take some pictures of the pretty view and keep it safe and sound in once precious box called memories we can dig in to sometime later in the future.

In order to make myself sure I am on the right track, I think I’ll start to make a list of things I want/have to do to be who I want to be, of course I know some things won’t go according to plan, but at least I’ll try to reach out for it instead of just go with the flow. More about this list later ;)

ps. I created a new facebook account (haha!), feel free to add me if you want to. I speak in Indonesian most of the time, though. I always seem to forget about this, pfft... lol


  1. Little Tiara is not so little anymore, but that's a good plan, dear. Having a vision of yourself will let you focus your energies on who you want to be...Good luck!

  2. I was just thinking about you and decided to check out your blog. Even though your RSS hadn't update. And then you updated at like the exact same time!! Glad to be reading your post again. And it is amazing how time flies and suddenly your 23 wondering what happened!! Thank goodness for memory boxes and blogs!!

  3. P.S. I am adding you to fb but under my real name..

  4. Its funny you posted that photo with Winston Churchill, there is a huge statue of him here opposite where I live. By the way, writing down your plans and what you want to achieve is therapeutic. It will guide you to do better with everything you do. =)

  5. My littletiara has grown up :) Lots of luck to you sweetie, and we're always here. Hugs from Manila :)


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