Jun 4, 2014

it's been an honor loving you

I am always someone who loves being in love, who loves loving. For me, being in love is a pleasure, a happy journey, and exciting adventure. Whenever I decided to be in love, I know the risk and tried my best to only fall for the ones worthy enough. But of course, love is love and it's as unexpected and unplanned as it is. And when I got my heart broken, or falling out of love I remind myself that I chanced it upon myself, that it was always good while it lasted, that it had brought so many smiles upon myself, that no matter how short it was, it gave me happiness and let me know someone better than I thought I would.

Being in love is never a bad thing, even during the confusing time, even when I'm crying because of it, even when a relationship ends, even when it's an unrequited love, being in love is never a bad thing. The lesson learnt, the memories captured, the happiness within, everything would only be there when I am in love.

Being in love scares me, because it is beautiful and mind-blowing and overwhelming and exciting and everything. Because being in love brought me all the feelings and emotions I wouldn't experience when I am not in love. How many times have I fallen in love? I can't even tell because honestly I've lost count of it. How many times have I fallen out of love or got my heart broken? I'll never be able to tell because of course, I don't know... why would I keep track on such sad occasion?

It's been an honor loving you. The fact that I love you is a proof enough how wonderful you are at least to me. How you got me smiling ear to ear and maybe even invaded my dreams shows how great of a person you are, how you've brought me happiness no matter how small.

So here I am thanking you, you, and you. For the happy times, for the memories, for the smiles, for the fun midnight chats, for the red blush on my cheeks, for smelling good on our dates, for the silly selfies, for the warm hugs, for the tickling little kisses, for everything, thank you for letting me love you, it's been an honor loving you.

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