Oct 31, 2012

Dreams do Come True

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Not sure what came to me today that I suddenly decided to sit in front of my computer (well, this part happen everyday) re-reading my old posts in this blog. It feels good walking down the memory lane and see what I've got and what I'm not and how many things had happened and how many precious lessons I've learnt.

That is until I found this post I wrote in February this year as a year-opener blog post. I didn't really remember what I wrote there, I thought it would only be about me talking about a new year resolutions and stuff like that. Apparently it was even more unimportant but seriously more surprising, I mean you won't believe how it surprised me when I read what I wrote there!

Here's a little part of it:
In another note, I really really really want to go South Korea for my birthday *wails* reason is, there's this Big Show, a Big Bang concert. Which, if you don't know already, Big Bang is like... the only Korean boyband I love! 
Okay, I know I sounded like a desperate teenage girl wanting to meet her idols, lol *hides in the corner*. I know, this shouldn't really be found in a blog of a 23 year old girl, lolololol... I can't really believe I did write that hahahahah... but what surprised me more was that this year, I did go to Korea and I did watch Bigbang concert! D:

I'm sure you all know that I went to Korea this summer due to my impulsiveness hahaha... and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made, oh the adventure! But I hadn't really say something about going to Bigbang concert, had I? So yeah, I went to their concert here in Indonesia. How appropriate that this year they decided to do a world tour and Indonesia is one of the countries on their list.

the lightsicks and the craziness
picture taken by me
The concert was Boom Shakalaka fantastic baby! It felt like I was watching a youtube videos about their concert with a super huge screen in front of me, and then I realized that I was in that video. It felt surreal, and fantastic and... well, this is the fangirl in me talking, lol. It just quite hard to believe that the people I could only see in youtube suddenly stood there in front of me, singing and dancing to songs I usually heard only the mp3 version of.

me camwhoring with the lightstick before the concert
Le crowd, looks pretty jam-packed, eh? Yes it was!

So I guess it's the power of will, or want, or... something... It just felt magical that the little things I wrote earlier this year was indeed granted. Life is just so cool and mysterious, isn't it? This only thought me to share what I want to do, what I want to be, instead of keeping it to myself. So yeah, I guess the saying was right...
When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
-Paulo Coelho
So while we're at it, what I want to do, and what I want to be now?

I want to finish my thesis as soon as possible, which is quite feasible looking at how I am progressing right now *insert smug face here*. To keep drawing as long as I can, and to have my own exhibition, and to travel the country, and to travel the world, and get married and still travel the world.

On my travel list are:

Wakatobi, Indonesia
(photo found via google)

  • Wakatobi, Indonesia

This place is magical for me, I tell you. Once upon a time (like I-can't-remember-how-many-years ago) I had a dream, and you know how weird dreams can be, right? So in my dream I see myself flying on a plane, and there was a map-like visualization, I flew from Java island (where I am right now) to somewhere in Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes) an eastern part of Indonesia I've never gone to. In my dreams I played in an area looking like... phi-phi island or Maldives, where you travel using boat everywhere. The dream fascinated me I just had to google it up the morning I woke up.

I wasn't really sure what to write on the keyword, so I just wrote 'archipelago', 'islands' and 'sulawesi'. I was seriously surprised when I actually found wakatobi there, I didn't know such place exist! It was in my dream, but then I found out that there is actually a place like that in reality, I didn't even know the name!

This happened in a time where nobody really knows about wakatobi, it is growing more popular right now, so it is easier to go there.

Cool stuff indeed.

Prague, Czech Republic
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  • Prague, Czech Republic

There's always something that fascinates me about the classical buildings, castles, the old-European architecture, and even the name Prague. Europe always have a special place in my heart, and Prague is on top of the list, surprisingly it's not even London or Paris (of course I want to go there too!).

I don't really have a dream or something about it, but back then in 2006 I made friends with someone from Prague and we exchanged pictures of where we live, that place caught my heart.

Seoul, South Korea
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  • Seoul, South Korea

I know, I know... but there's something so homey about this city for me. As I've said before, Yogyakarta, a city where I'm living in right now is seriously a perfect definition of comfort zone, where you can survive a week only with $10 in your pocket. Then I went to Seoul, a metropolitan city, pretty much different with Yogyakarta, but as artsy and cozy. I just can't help but wanting to come back there soon again, and maybe live longer there.

And I tell you, it's not even the boy bands that makes me want to go there, lol. (Okay, maybe yes for Bigbang)

Of course, that's not all, I've said that I want to travel the world so yeah...

Oh, look at how incoherently coherent this post it. Oh well.


  1. Awww Tiara, I can't really explain why, but this post made me happy :) I guess it gave me hope ♥

    Cheers to fulfilling even more dreams!

  2. those are some beautiful places you want to visit!! I can't wait until you get to all over them!!

  3. What a great idea, looking back on old posts!! I wanna do that too... except i'm afraid of what lame things I will find. HAhaha! I missed your blog Tiara! I haven't been able to comment b/c for some reason, my computer at work doesn't show the comment box. Hmp. And you're right, dreams definitely do come true! You should put Vancouver, Canada on your travel list ;)


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