Oct 5, 2012

A little glimpse of how I work

I wonder when will I stop writing and sharing unimportant stuff nobody really want to read, but maybe just maybe there are some people curious and wanting to see the progress of me making my artwork. So this one was made for a friend, dikasapi, a lomographer, a good one at that, and also, a boyfriend of one of the closest friend of mine, Nanette (I wonder if you remember her, I've talked about her quite a lot of times here in this blog).

So one day he asked me to draw him a camera, a lomo camera to be exact, and I said yes and well... that's how the story starts.

As you may know (or not), lomo cameras have this wide range in term of colors and shapes and they're all so cute! So before starting, I did a little research (if you can call it a research since all I did was actually just googling) about the camera I wanted to draw, I decided to make one he owns, although practically I think he owns a lot. I couldn't quite remember the type he owns, so I used my instinct and made a choice of drawing the LCA+ (which shape is pretty simple, thank goodness, lol).

So let's see how I tried to work things out.

You see, it's been a long time since the last time I really draw something with specific shape, I had a hard time making straight line, lol! So I had to redo it several times. Honestly, I'm not sure what I have here to share you, I mean.. all I did was drawing the lines and coloring.

Usually I would go for ordinary gradients, but this time round I'm having this experiment of making gradients in circles, I guess that works pretty well.

Done with the coloring, I was annoyed several times because I bought the oil pastel with only 24 colors in it, so the gradients options are not that varied. Meh.

Adding little nonensical (I know it's not a word) details. You can see I love circles so much lately, and don't ask me what those little yellow dots doing there. I'm not sure myself, hahaha...

This one is pretty much done, got the job done by putting on the black poster paint. I love how it makes the color popped out even more, tell me which one you like more, the white version or the black one?

The final result! Yay, done!

I still want to write more about artworks and my plans ahead, and what I want to do in the future, but daddy is calling me for food and of course I shouldn't say no, eh? Hahaha... See you guys around later soon!



  1. love the colours you choose and the nonensical details (and it's totally a word!)

    1. thank you so much! *gushes* you're so sweet... :D hahaha...

  2. cute photos
    and love ur blog, so I followed u..
    mind to follow me too?

    looking forward to have your name on my blog :)


  3. I always love seeing part of the creative process behind the final work :)



  4. Hey, Tiara! It seems you have quite a talent in making artworks. :))
    Have a visit to mine, I also do a lot of artworks also and I post it frequently on my blog. :)



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