Aug 6, 2012


Hello from the land of K-pop!

I know I know... this is kind of late, I mean It's been a week since I first came here and I should tell you all about it~ well, better late than never, right?

So I found a new hobby, travelling alone! It's sooooo fun! Especially in a country I've never been in before, the adventure is so thrilling, and it's a good thing that Korea is so 'user-friendly', so it's easy for me to go around.

I stayed in incheon, about an hour from Seoul. On first day of my adventure I decided to go around like a cat   marking its territory. I forgot to bring my camera so... and I stopped the adventure when my mp3 player ran out of battery, kkkk~ it was quite a walk and since then I decided to just explore a little bit more everyday :D

On the second day I went with my friend to China town here in incheon, and strolled around the park, which was tiring... hahaha, nevertheless it was fun!

The third day I went to Bupyeong station alone, Bupyeong has a really huge underground market so I went all out that day, I also got lost some times, but then that actually added the fun (I can't seem to find a better word to describe 'fun' kkkkk~) went asking some people (and scared them a little when I said 'excuse me', I think) and I survived the day.

Everything is so cute in Bupyeong, I mean, everything is so cute here in Korea! Gah! If I could I would buy them all! D:

Did I bore you out? I think I should stop the post here, I mean... I still have like gazillion of pictures in my computer (and I went out everyday here... especially on weekend! Kkkkk~)


  1. Ahhh it all sounds so amazing!!! You definitely didn't bore me - so happy you're enjoying your solo adventures in Korea! Wish I was there with you and I hope you show more pics soon :D

  2. what cute little stores!! No bore, I love exploring on my own

  3. Your trip sounds awesome, and I agree with you! Everything looks so cute!! :D

  4. Looks really fun! I've always wanted to go to Korea >w<

    Daisy | LittleKawaiiDaisy


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