Howdy Peeps!

Thank you for visiting my little bloglette. I hope you enjoy your stay! This is where I write some glimpses of what's happening inside my head and in front of my eyes. This is also where I share stories and thoughts with new friends from all around the world, you! Yes, you!

A little about me?

I am this twenty-something year young girl who believes she draws magic. Also she loves traveling, and make up, and story-telling. Thus, in this blog you will find stories of her adventures, her thoughts of some little stuffs, and maybe some beauty review, also she loves to show off her artwork, so yeah, you'll find that too.

Ugh, I guess I'm not really good with introduction, aren't I? I might be editing this page later... eh.


  1. you do draw magic, I literally sat at my computer screen and scrolled through your portfolio and shop pages, everything is so dainty and pretty haha keep up the amazing work~

    1. awwww dear, thank you.. this is like the best thing I've read in weeks~ *smooches* enjoy your stay heree <3


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