Dec 11, 2016

Seoul Adventure part.3

This one's so long overdue and has been in my draft since... forever! It's even so dusty already lol. Anyway, I'll post it here so someday when I want to read it again, I can. Also, of course share it with all of you :) I'd love to write more about the adventure but I'm not sure my memories is still intact since it's been... what... 2-3 years? kkk I've even gone there again with my mom and brother so yeah.. Anyway, enjoy this one! Haha


How long has it been since I wrote about my Seoul adventure? Ah well, here I am continuing it again because I just have to share my adventure with you (also, because I have nothing to do at work right now, lol).

So here is the third part, where I will share you what happened in my 2nd day in Seoul (still a loooong way to go! Just in case you forget, I stayed for TEN days!).

The second day started off nicely with me having a breakfast with yet another new friend, her name is Krista (if I remember correctly), she was from... uh... Canada, I think. And she was in Seoul for only two days before she continued on her journey to Japan. Basically she was just visiting her friends in Seoul, which was Jake, the owner of the guesthouse I stayed in. So yeah~

We hit it off quite nicely, in fact, very nicely that by the end of our breakfast session we decided to go shopping together to Edae because she had nothing to do and I seem like a nice companion (lol, amen!). So off we go! Two girls who were strangers just an hour before!

We visited the magnificent Ewha Women University. I really love the architecture of this place, it has this classic Victorian touch. And of course we had to snap snap some pictures. Edae (Ewha univ) for me is a perfect place to shop. Because it has like one of the most famous women university, it is surrounded with cute little boutiques and make up stores (and cute cafes too!).

So yeah, me and Krista had a fun time shopping, choosing clothes for each other like we've been friends since forever, while in fact we just met that morning. Krista gotta go back to the hostel before me, though. Because she had to meet her other friends. And although we might not gonna meet ever again, the memories of our shopping adventure shall be written here so I won't forget, right?

I continued my shopping spree alone after that, if I remember correctly, I bought a pair of new shoes. The owner thought I was a 18 year old girl, lol. Since it happened to me often so I'm no longer surprised, but of course, I'm proud about it, kkk~ :P (there was one time I wasn't allowed to stay in a hotel in Busan because the staff thought I was under-aged! -c-)

I came back with heaps of shopping bags and it was only my second day there, later in the evening I went out for a jog in Han river (again), and went to see YG building (again), I just had to.. haha... I mean, I only have 10 days so of course I have to spend all of it staring at the building I love so much. And Han River is just so... calming and soothing. I originally wanted to rent a bike but I wasn't sure how to, so I ended up walking to the river.

Basically I spent the day shopping and staring at the river, nothing much, I guess... but the most precious would be gaining a new friend to shop together with! It is something addicting and I would love to experience all over again!

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