Nov 26, 2014

My first Ever Purchase from Jolse Review

Good day, everyone! Today I will be reviewing (or more like, you know, bragging) about my first experience buying things from jolse

Jolse is a beauty site selling beauty products (like of course) straight from Korea. Wee... by now you all should know my obsession towards Korean beauty products! Hehe..

Anyway, out of all online beauty shops I've ever tried (and trust me, I've tried a lot). Jolse's gotta be the most generous on giving samples and bonus, I mean... look!

Guess what I originally bought? I only bought three items, guys! This was my first purchase so I didn't dare to buy too much but meep meep~! So happy when the package came 

Another thing that makes me really love shopping here is that I can choose the 'free shipping' methods! LOL, I know I know.. I'm such a cheapskate... but if you want to be safer and able to keep track on where your package is, they offer standard shipping (with tracking number) for $ 2.50 and $22 for EMS shipping if you need your package to arrive faster and trackable.

So here are the things I actually bought and some little reviews on them.

IT'S SKINsupersize pore tightener
This one is HUGE, I tell you. I mean, that's one reason why I bought it, hehe... it's 400 ml and I think can last a whole lifetime (okay, not really). It is comparable to my previous Etude House's Wonder Pore which was 500ml (!!!). IT'S SKIN supersize pore tightener smells citrus-y and nothing too strong or overwhelming. And it does its job nicely, I think. I still have to use it more to know, though.

Etude HousePlay Therapy Wash off Pack Brigthening UP!
I'm running out of my Holika Holika Premium Milk Sheep Yogurt with Greentea, which I love so much. So I was looking for a new wash off pack and found pretty nice reviews of this Etude House Play Therapy Wash off Pack Brigthening UP!. I love how big it is (150 ml) and it's really quite cheap for the amount. My verdict about this product? l love that it moisturizes my face, and it does make my skin brighter. So yay!

Galactomyces 95 White Power Essence 100 ml
There is not much reviews I found for this product, I guess COSRX is a new brand? I'm not sure, but I was in love with their adorable art accompanying the product. Also, it's 100ml which is quite a lot for an essence (guess you've found out how much of a cheapskate person I am by now).
And boy, did it work miracle and make me super happy! Yay! COSRX Galactomyces 95 White Power Essence has a really runny/watery texture so I had a little confusion at first on how much should I apply on my face, I've found out that even a single pump is enough for my whole face, weeee~! Okay, so this magic essence makes my skin soooo smooooth and moisturized and become a perfect canvas before make up.

About the samples, I haven't took a pic of them yet... heheh.. but they are just so many, and most of them are my favorites too! Meeeeep~!

So to say, I am really  satisfied with this purchase, and am thinking of buying more :p

The great news is they are having a HUGE sale now with the black friday approaching. So go-go-go and grab everything fast~!

*this post was not sponsored by jolse (I wish it was, though.. hahah) it was purely my impression of shopping there for the first time and being utterly satisfied with the things I bought and their service.


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  3. Hello Doll!

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  4. You're such a cutie! Following you now. :)
    Thanks for the reviews and I'm glad to hear that you had a great shopping experience at Jolse. Maybe I'll get my cosmetics from them from now on. xD

    P.S: I see that you draw too! :D

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    1. eep! Thank you! <3 and yes~ I love shopping there (the samples!! LOL) But sometimes it can be quite pricey so I always check the prices elsewhere before ordering (lol, yeah..) xp

  5. HIHIHIHIHI my little tiara!!!! OMG I always love it when i see your eeeps and meeeeeps in my comment box! LOL you're like a happie little unicorn kitty! Unfortunatley I have never used any of the products you hauled... but that last serum sounds sooo promising!!!! 'm using the mizon peeling serum right now and it's working wonders too!! eeeeeep!! ahhahaha

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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    1. meep! I remember I've replied to this comment but it somehow disappeared (again!) *SOBS* and weee... happy little unicorn kitty sounds good, ,haha xD and yes yes you should give the serum a try, cosrx is my new favorite <3

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  8. oooh I looove BIG products too! hahaha.... I won't feel guilty to use 'em all up.


    1. I know riiiighttt!! It takes YEARS for them to finish, haha.. especiallyl since most korean products have the 'a little goes a loooong way' motto <3

  9. That toner looks really good & I go for bigger sizes too lol! & would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets
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    1. ayee~ thank you for visiting and yep! The toner is pretty nice so far! <3 and lololol big size are always better :p and yep! I'm checking out your bloggie right noow~

  10. Wowww lucky you to get so many samples!!! And those products you purchased look so good... even tho I havent tried one, but it's also a good thing that you can get them in big size with reasonable price! Hope they're good for you! ^_^

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  14. The package of Etude HousePlay Therapy Wash off Pack Brigthening UP! is so cuuuutteee!!

    How much does it cost? I mean for Etude HousePlay Therapy Wash. ^ ^

    1. hola! thank you for commenting! The mask was around.. umm.. I honestly forgot but I remember it wasn't expensive, I'd say around 10bucks, and it's a lot of products, too! 150ml! So it's definitely a steal and you should try it! Haha <3


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