Oct 23, 2014

So Maybe I'm Lonely

it's 8am here in my place and usually I am on my way to the office at this hour, but since today is a special case where I don't have to go to the office (I'll go to another place instead) I'll use this opportunity to revive this poor little bloglette.

I wonder, is blogsphere not so in anymore? Because it seems quieter here. Anyway, I'll keep writing, heheh...

So here I am working in a fashion retail company, away from my parents and friends but then again my friends are scattered anywhere anyway so no matter where I am I just have to accept the fact that things aren't the same anymore.

While I do have friends here in the office, it somehow feels different. Because everyone is married or dating or busy and here I am the lonely little woman trying to rack her brain on who to eat dinner together with.

Do I sound so pitiful? Er... sometimes I feel so. I mean, It was fairly easy before to hang out randomly and just call anyone to accompany me somewhere but now it's like the hardest task I've ever wanted to do.

Maybe it's me? Maybe I should be more... I don't know.. open? I thought I was open enough but maybe not really? Ugh... I'm not sure what my problem is. I feel kinda lonely sometimes here in this new place. And I'm getting bored of the same routines but at the same time have made it my comfort zone.

This is bad! I hate comfort zone! They stopped me from growing, and I shouldn't feel comfortable about it! Oops... sorry, do I sound like I am whining? Daymmm.. maybe I am >_<

anyway, I will try my best to update again soon, like... seriously I have so many things I want to share (or note down and remember) but I found myself too lazy to do so, and laziness is a bad thing and I should distance myself from it.

Guess I'll have to keep moving and going and running and crawling and swimming and everything!
Here's to a better today! *cheers* *clinks glasses*

Wow, this is pretty random. I'm sorry! *BOWS*

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  1. awww, I enjoyed reading this, because it shows the real you and reminds me that everyone has lonely times in life or just "phases" of not so fluffy times. It helps to be able to write this stuff down, even just by putting your emotions into words, I believe it helps to understand yourself better.

    Keep at it girl, your art is super cute. It's very very normal to feel alone at an office that doesn't have people that are in similar phases in life as you. Remember to keep open, and get out of your comfort zone once in a while! :)


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