Jul 23, 2014

When I have too much to talk about

So I wanted to update this blog yesterday with a continuation of my Seoul adventure series, then I found out that I accidentally deleted all my pictures in my Line Camera folder on my phone, and apparently I had no back up in my computer so right now I am wailing at the loss... *SOBS* I guess I will update tomorrow with some pictures from my instagram and other social media platform... but still...

anyway, there is Ied around the corner, which is a big holiday for us muslim, which means long holiday is approaching! WOO HOO~! Which explains all the holiday mood in the office, like almost everyone is too busy planning for the holiday instead (including me). Well fortunately I've finished all the to-do-list I gotta do until the end of the month so I am freeeeeeeeee~~~~~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

What else is new? Oh, I am planning to revive my littletiara/tiararisa artwork line after the long holiday. Been researching for some needed informations, so wish me luck with everything! And please do anticipate the comeback! Hehe~

Something about the job and office? I'm doing good, I still can do whatever they want me to do and I can start enjoying the job (not that I didn't enjoy it). But of course, me and my never ending list of needs will forever seeking for a way to earn more, so yeah, that's where my artwork is coming to. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Also, I've been trying new stuff and media to draw, it's always fun experimenting. I've been trying out with water colors and water color pencils, weee... so fun! The result is (of course) different from what I've been doing and it gives a pretty nice feeling trying and creating something new. Well, I am forever seeking and creating and evolving my style, so I have to learn to accept my own ever-changing style, I guess. (◡△◡✿)

I wanted to show my new artwork off but I have no scanner around me right now so.. ugh...

another dilemma I've been having for quite some time now is if I should buy a new phone, or a new camera, or just save the money for more travelling (lol) aish.. I can't seem to make up my mind... *SOBS* Even about travelling I can't decide where I wanna go, Korea (again, of course), Japan, or Bangkok? Aish, If only I were a billionaire I've flown to those places already.. aigoo aigoo..

Oh oh oh... another thing! I have this tiny liiiiittle crush here in my office! YAY! (eh...) I mean, I have someone to look forward to whenever I go to work, hehe~ found this cute little eyecandy and ughhh... I feel like a high school facing her crush all over again, dayummm... I still haven't found a way to even know his name so... uhmm.. :|

okay, so this post is everywhere and going nowhere I know. I guess it's just another life update post? Lol, I originally wanted to do some make up review, or showing you my HG list of make up, but eh.. that has to wait.


  1. I'm so sorry that happened! That has to suck! :(((((((((((((

    Cute puppy!!!

    Awh. Crushes... I can't wait until I have my next one. :)

    I would buy a new phone unless you absolutely want to get a job in photography. If you do, a new camera is your best route, if not, a new phone will give you 2 really good cameras. :) If you need to know which one you should get, I'm the girl for you. I do this kind of stuff full time for my job so I can definitely help you out with that. :D

    Good luck with everything!

    1. aww thank you for coming and left a comment here, sweetie pie <3

      and yes yes, I need your help... ugh... I can't decide if I want an iphone or LG G3, have read some reviews and some said that G3 is pretty awesome, and cheaper than iphone, too!

      ah, I tried visiting your site but failed to do so.. whyyyy

  2. Hello, I've just discovered your blog and I love your posts :)
    Happy holidays <3

    The layout from your blog looks great as well!
    Xx julia


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