Nov 15, 2013

With Love from Korea

Hola peeps! This post will be slightly different because I won't be the one writing it! *gasps* haha... I wonder if you guys are still curious about my adventure in Korea? You should be, and in coherence to the korea theme, My bloggy friend, Maddie from Head High Heart Strong is here to show you even more about Korea! Haha~

This post, quite honestly, makes me miss Korea again even if I just went there like a month ago? lol... anyway, I'm sure you'll enjoy the read! So go ahead!


Hello! My name's Maddie and I write about my life and the cute things I find, over on my blog Head High Heart Strong. I'm currently lucky enough to live and work in one of Tiara's favourite places, South Korea. Sadly though, she wasn't able to squeeze me into her busy schedule when she was here, so we didn't get a chance to meet up. One of my favourite things about Korea is the fact that everything is so cute. Tiara hasn't yet shared with us what treats she bought from Korea, but today I'm going to share the cutest gifts to send and receive from the ROK.

Korean Snacks 1

Korean Snacks 2 

♥ 1.Snacks 
How can just a normal treat be so cute and tasty? I love these Lotte pig ice creams in the Summer time. They're chocolatey and sweet on the inside and cool you down in the hot weather. But the number one Korean snack has to be Pepero. These are long, thin sticks of biscuit coated in chocolate and other tasty things. These snacks are so popular, they have their own dedicated day, the 11th of November. On Pepero Day it's custom to buy your loved ones a box of these. 
Socks 3

Socks 2 

♥ 2. Socks

Until I came to Korea, I never wore socks, in fact I hated wearing socks. In England they're usually ugly and don't suit the shoes I wear, but in Korea I look for excuses to show off my socks! They have socks in every colour you can imagine, with every character you can imagine. Last year I sent my little sister some PSY socks for Christmas and she said that they were her favourite gift! And what's even better is that you can buy these cute socks from ₩1,000 a pair. 

Stationary 3 

Stationary 1 

♥ 3. Stationary 
What is it about girls and stationary? I remember when I was at school, my favourite time of year was the new term. It was an excuse to go out and buy new stationary. Cute pencil cases, novelty pencils and coloured pens were my favourite. Now, in Korea, I'm in my teenage paradise. There's no such thing as a dull pencil case. My favourite things are the yearly planners, at the moment I have a Sonny Angel Doll one. I also like the Jetoy cat brand, and ARTBOX! I am slightly obsessed with ARTBOX. So much so that the staff know me by name. I know that Tiara loves it too! It's a great place to satisfy your cute cravings.

poop 1

poop 2 

♥ 4. Poop 
Koreans are a little obsessed with all things toilet related, and who wouldn't be when they make it seem so cute?! I've seen pink chocolate poop lollipops, poop shaped bread, poop pencils and my favourite was the DIY poop shaped phone dongle kit I came across in a stationary shop. Poop brings out the child in all of us, so why not buy your friend one of these gifts to put a smile on their faces?

make up 1

make up 2 

♥ 5. Make Up 
If you have ever been on my blog, you will notice that I'm smitten with Etude House. In an ideal world, I would decorate my room at home based on an Etude House store. Princess pink and white mirrors makes it feel like I'm in Cinderella's dressing room rather than a shop. I love the packaging for their products too. Some of my favourite products are their ice-cream shaped nail polishes and their lip glosses. 

Not to mention all of the other shops available, like Skin Food, The Face Shop and Tony Moly. My make up bag has never been so full of amazing products. The novelty and low prices of the products make them irresistible. 

I now love buying gifts for people, because it's so easy! I wonder if Tiara bought herself anything cute while she was in Korea? 

If you like what you see, and would love some of these gifts to be landing on your doorstep, keep your eyes peeled for a give away that will be happening very soon! 



Aren't you guys excited? GIVEAWAY guyyyys~!!! Sent directly from the South Korea! I wonder if I can also join the giveaway hahahahaha XP and to answer her question, like ooof course I did buy HEAPS of cute stuff while I was there (especially make up), and I promise to share the story with you guys soon in the continuation of my Seoul Adventure series ^^


  1. I want to enter Maddie's giveaway because you know how much I LOVE Korean stuff LOL Unrealistically, I'd like to receive Chansung from 2PM from Korea HOHOHO. Realistically, I'd like to received Chansung's socks/pillow case or you know, that kind of thing :p hehehehe. oops.

    1. LOL seriously xD I thought you'd want TOP though :))))

    2. yeah...... but after watching his doom dada MV, I was like, I need a break from Top for a while LOL.

  2. i want to try korean make up ><

    1. oh oh oh you should! You'll love it! well, you'll be confused at first because of the huge range of choices, lol :P

  3. BTW, Tiara, I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) check my blogpost for more details hehehe

    1. o! Thank you! Just in time when I need something new to post about! Kkkk~ x)

  4. I'd love to get korea make up, everything looks so cute and girly! ^^

  5. I'd love to get Korean makeup products, and some KPOP items with groups like Big Bang and EXO. ^^

  6. I am utterly in love with Korean skincare and make up products.
    Hope I'm the lucky one ^.^
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway <3

    Facebook name: Li Na

  7. Everything Korean is so damn cute, I need to go there some day.


  8. the socks are adorable!! hopefully we can go to korea one day and see all these amazing things for ourselves!


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