Oct 21, 2013

Welcoming Life

Hello! Such a nice day to see a picture of me getting lost in the woods to start a blog post, aye?

Here I am, back from the much needed break and get away! So I finally managed to flee to Korea, although did not manage to go to Busan as planned *sobs*. Anyway, I truly believe that this vacation was really needed, I don't think I will survive and have a stable mind like I am now if I didn't go. 

I felt pretty hollow and empty and I wanted to see something new and do things that are not on my routines and I am thankful I did.

The adventure I had for about ten days I spent there was something I wouldn't want to trade with anything, ever. This blog post will be an intro of what I will call Seoul adventure series posts, which will be at least 8 parts (so expect me to blog a lot after this! Yay!)

I made new friends, ate new random foods, went to new places, experienced things I didn't think I would, I am pretty sure I am recharged!

The journey made me realize how lucky I am, how blessed I am to be in a country without anyone and managed to make new friends everyday, even the first few minutes I landed my feet in the land of K-pop I've already made friends thanks to my bad sense of direction, haha~

I was lost countless times, I think I was lost every day, I think being lost is my new hobby. I am the type of person who does plan but does not really plan (do I even make sense?). I love spontaneity, so that was what I did during my stay.  I am one who does not google up what a movie is about and just go to the cinema and watch it. The excitement of not knowing what awaits, having no expectations, is my kind of lifestyle, where I can then surprise myself and be more thankful of what's given to me.

Seoul, I visited beautiful places, traveled with subways countless times, helped by strangers more often than I thought I would ever be, made random friends and had adventures with them even if we just met, bought heaps of make up (and still want to buy more), spent almost all the money I brought there (I only had 8000 won left-about 10 bucks, or less). Well I did have my saving for emergency but decided not to exchange my dollar just to prove I can manage without it.

So, are you in for my adventure? Later alligators, I gotta put on my nail polish and beauty mask sheet first ;).

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