Jul 17, 2013

My First Beauty Box from Beauty Treats Indonesia

So the beauty box trend finally hit Indonesia, and as someone who's so easily lured by anything with surprise effect I just have to join the wagon, ha-ha... So I subscribed to the Platinum Box from Beauty Treats Indonesia.

I was supposed to receive the June box but something magical happened and I received the July Box instead, and I can't be any more thankful because it seriously filled with goods I need (and want) compared to the June box, yay!

It arrived in a cute turquoise box, with a platinum ribbon on it, weee... So cute and girly~ and when I opened it would... Look at all those silver paper~! Well, they have nothing to do with the products but still it's a nice touch, all in all, I love the packaging, good job BTI! ;)

Moving on to the products, I'm too lazy to take individual shots of each item... weee... But here's a closer and more complete look of what it contained

Woohoo~! It's pretty much my things~ I mean, eyeliners and Blush on! Totally me~! I mean, I can't leave the house without them and now I have more to add to my collection, hohoho~

Here's short reviews for each products, starting from my favorite to the least one ;)

1. Make Up For Ever HD Blush (sample size)
Mine is the warm pink one, which I absolutely love, woo hoo~! It came in sample size, which is totally understandable since they're quite pricey, haha.. but still, I think it will last a looooong time, I got five sample pack and I've tried it out yesterday. Since this is the first time I used it I applied a little bit too much (and it was only one liiiittle spot~! I swear! It's so pigmented) and I look like someone had just slapped me lol, nothing my dear holika holika compact can't fix, though. So it's all good~! Definitely a keeper!

2. Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner in Brown (real size)
Can never say it enough, the thing I love the most from asian cosmetics is how cute their packaging is! I mean, seriously, look at this! Here, I even steal an image from google to show you how cute this eyeliner is.

cute riiiiiighttt... the daisy doesn't even have anything to do with the eyeliner, but still it's there everywhere (on the packaging) and it makes me happy just looking at it, haha~

This one is a nice eyeliner, not as pigmented as my HG eyeliner from Holika Holika, but can be convenient when I'm looking for a more natural look. Mine came in brown color, I guess I will have a solo post comparing my (small) collections of eyeliners since it seems to be the beauty product I own the most, haha.

It's pretty waterproof, and also smudgeproof, so yeah, it's good~!

3. Smiley Perfume (sample size)
The only downside is just that this come in a sample size (LOL) because it smells nice and yeah, true to its name, it makes me all smiley and happy. It has this light scent and also a very bright packaging.

4. Koji Eyelashes (Real size)
Okay, I have to say, the only reason why this ranks fourth is simply because I am a noob in wearing faux eyelashes. Like seriously.... I need to practice more every day it seems. But compared to the previous faux eyelashes I've tried, this one feels nice. It has a pretty bold band, so it's easier to put on. Also, I love the natural look it aims, nothing too dramatic, only long lashes. If only I can use it properly, this will be on the at least third rank. lol.

5. Beauty and Bath Hand Gel (Real Size)
This smells good, and it cleans my hand in a very convenient way, plus it has a cute bear picture on it, haha.. The fragrance is a liiiiitttle bit too much somehow, though.

So yeay! Done with the review, I hope it helps you somehow. I am not as professional as those beauty bloggers, so you gotta understand me okay? Hahaha... ^3^

That's it for now, ciao~!


  1. I'm always tempted to sign up to one of these beauty boxes, but I always get worried I won't like the stuff and will have wasted my money!

    THe packaging of asian products is soo cute! I will miss it when I'm back in the UK! XX

    1. haha... I knowww... the previous months' box was a blah (from what I read in the review) thank goodness I got these goodies instead, woohoo~!

  2. This beauty box is awesome!
    I wish there were this kind of boxes in Spain, too (*・ω・*)

    1. this is kind of new too here in Indonesia, I guess it'll come there soon


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