May 4, 2013

show off time!

I've been wanting to write something here but I was forced to write something somewhere else. And by that, I mean my thesis, lol. and this is going to be a very short post because I just want to show something off.

Here it is!

You see that capitalized ACC there? YES!

FINALLY! After buckets of bloods and tears and sweats (okay, not really). FINALLY my thesis that's talking about illegal downloading and CD sales and idolatry and K-pop(!) is accepted! Now all that's left is to do the final test and I will be a Master in business and management! (not literally, I think... I mean... well...).

Anyway, that's all. Lol, yes really. I just wrote to show off hahahahahahahahahaha~ 


Now pray hard for me and my final test next month, hohohohoho~

(man, this post is pointless, isn't it?)

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